The Holland Project


We need you

Our kids really look forward to time spent with peer volunteers.  The success of our programs depend on committed volunteers.  Volunteers get as much out of our programs as the kids do.  Please consider spending time with some special teens.

If you are 14 yrs old or older and would like to volunteer for one of our programs please contact us.

We offer community service hours.

Please call or email to volunteer.

email: or

call (978) 764-8611


What some volunteers are saying:

Hi Eileen,
I want to tell you, how much I admire you and all that you do for the kids, as well as the parents. It takes a special person, to stand up and put something like this in place, to support those in need with communication, patience and love for others. I have enjoyed this experience as a volunteer. At first, I wasn't sure I could keep up with the kids and understand their needs, but the kids led the way and I realized the interaction was special. I would like to participate in your future endeavors and volunteer my time again. The sessions spent with them went by too quickly, and we just started to bond. I hope, maybe you could put together a short seminar for volunteers like myself, an informational training session. I came into this blind, not sure how to handle such a task. I thought to myself, "Well! I am a mother and raised a son myself. I have the patience, love and willingness to continue, but I need more confidence and assurance that I'm doing the right thing." Thanks for sharing the pictures of the kids, I downloaded all of them and will look at them, and share them with my friends and family. I'll love the memories.